About Radkl

“….Radkl, a new trading firm that will deploy quantitative methods—such as sophisticated, high-speed, computerized trading models—to invest in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and the “decentralized finance” (DeFi) sector. The firm, whose name is pronounced “radical,” is led by partners at New York-based quantitative trading firm GTS.”


“Radkl plans to engage in several types of trading, GTS Chief Executive Ari Rubenstein said in an interview. One will be electronic market-making on crypto exchanges—quoting prices for an asset throughout the day and profiting from the spread between the prices at which it buys and sells. Radkl also plans to conduct bilateral trades of digital assets with other firms, such as crypto hedge funds, Mr. Rubenstein said.”

“GTS is setting up Radkl, a new business that will start proprietary trading in digital assets, from bitcoin to the fast-growing decentralised finance market, later this year. Ari Rubenstein, chief executive of GTS, said that he saw a “need for large-scale sophisticated players who can navigate the regulatory environment”. He said these players would make the market “more efficient” and “attractive for investors.”

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